Easy Broad Bean (Fava) dip (DF, GF)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I never like broad beans until I tasted this delicious fava dip. The Turkish stall holder at the Farmers' Market makes a delicious fava dip out of dried broad beans but now the beans are in season in the Australian spring, try this one. My son has also made broad bean dip out of the pods and says it's very good.

Ingredients: All these ingredients are to taste, add more if you prefer.

2 cups of podded broad beans

50 ml of olive oil

pinch of salt,

squeeze of lemon juice,

quarter of a bunch of dill

garlic clove


  • Boil the broad beans until the inside bean is tender (about ten minutes)

  • Cool the beans, then shell them and discard the tough outside shell.

  • Whizz the beans up in a kitchen whizz, or mash with a fork

  • Add olive oil, salt, crushed garlic, chopped dill and lemon juice.

  • Whizz or mash again

  • Serve with bread, crackers or veggie sticks.

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