Essential Sourdough Baking Tools


Your life will be much easier if you are baking sourdough and have these tools on hand -plus a pizza stone ( not pictured).From top, clockwise, green plastic banneton, (preferably line with a teatowel) baker’s peel,long cane banneton, traditional bread tin, round cane baneton, slashing blade, dough scraper.

Other things you might like to know, if you are not an experienced baker:

Bakers Flour – bakers flour, sometimes called strong flour, has a higher protein content, and more gluten than other flour which makes better bread. In sourdough bread the slow fermentation reduces the gluten significantly and a lot of people who get side effects from gluten can eat sourdough bread with no issues. ( I am not talking about people with coeliac disease, but those who might get a tummy ache after eating white shop bought bread. Don’t get me started on the chemicals, improvers and bleaches in such bread. Always try and get the best flour you can – it does make a difference. So organic recently milled flour is best.

Leaven – make sure you feed it at least once a week and change the container, and clean it once a week. You will have to discard some each week.You can make the discarded sourdough into delicious crumpets just by adding a generous pinch of sugar and bicarb soda, then frying in crumpet moulds.

Salt – I use Murray River pink salt, because it has a lovely flavour. ( Don’t think salt has a flavour? Try a pinch of this salt compared to iodised table salt – you will find the latter has a bitter flavour.) If you don’t live in Australia, Maldon Sea salt is good if you are in the UK, and they say it is available worldwide. Wherever you are, just go and look for good salt.

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