Raspberry and white chocolate macarons

My son and I ran a patisserie for 5 years. I spent six months learning to make macarons, until I knew by feel when the batter was right. They are one of the hardest patisseries to get right. These are large quantities but it is tricky to make Italian meringue with smaller quantities. The good news is that macarons keep well and freeze well.


600mg Almond meal ( hazelnut, pistachio or walnut)

450 gms icing sugar

600gms caster sugar

160ml water

440 gms eggwhite, aged (up to one week in fridge, covered in gladwrap with a slit in the top.)

1 tsp citric acid

1 tsp eggwhite powder

Food colouring


1. Grind nuts and icing sugar together, then sieve into large bowl

2. Weigh egg white into two bowls of 220gms each

To make Italian meringue:

3. Whip one bowl of eggwhite, with citric acid and egg white powder in mixer until it makes stiff peaks

4. Place sugar and water into a saucepan, add appropriate amount of food colouring (1 and a half lids of liquid colouring, less of gel) to pan

5. Add thermometer, boil without stirring to 118C, brush sides down with pastry brush dipped in water to remove sugar crystals

6. Pour boiling sugar syrup onto whipped eggwhite slowly with mixer at slow speed until absorbed then mix on high for a minute then slow down again until forms soft peaks

7. Meringue should form “le bec du oiseau” ( birds beak) on the beaters

8. Add meringue to almond mixture, with ¾ of lightly beaten eggwhite, and stir to knock out most but not all of air. Adjust batter with additional eggwhite

9. Pipe onto baking sheet into 3.7 cm rounds .Check no small peaks on macarons, adjust mixture if necessary with eggwhite.

10. Bang tray on benchtop several times to get rid of any further points and possible air bubbles

11. Bake at 150C for 15-20 mins. They should not brown, but should rise with a small foot. Don't despair if they go wrong - they are very tricky.

12. Put together with ganache by piping it onto one biscuit and placing another on top with a little twist.

White choc and raspberry ganache:

600 gms white chocolate

300 gms cream

110-120 gms pureed raspberry

1 dessert spoon rosewater

For ganache try and use as high a quality chocolate as you can buy, not chocolate chips. Heat up cream but do not boil.Pour it over the chocolate which you have broken up into small pieces. Let it sit until melted, do not over stir. When the chocolate is melted add the raspberry and rosewater. Cool.

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